• A New Space in the Original Neighborhood

    Through the years, Pioneer Square’s architectural gems and storied local pubs have been joined by coffee houses and trendy shops. But some things never change. Pioneer Square has always attracted those who have dared to break free of the pack ever since its first startup—a sawmill—launched in 1853. Now, 450 Alaskan provides a new space for the next generation to think, build and create.


    Elliott Bay will always return you to what’s real. That’s why it’s visible from every floor. As conducive to productivity as 450 Alaskan is, everyone needs to take the occasional mindful moment. Lift your head, and look out the window. Run up to the rooftop deck. Breathe.


    Drive your car. Coast in on your bicycle. Take a street car. Catch the water taxi or ride the ferry. Take the Sounder Train, Link Light Rail or Metro. Sometimes people walk. 450 Alaskan has a 98 out of 100 walk score and a 100 out of 100 transit score—for those keeping score.


    450 Alaskan’s design embodies the best of what’s new and what’s old. New means working in a LEED Gold certified building that perfectly serves your needs. Old means a nod as to how this neighborhood has been ideally situated since the beginning. A modern jewel between the water and the cobblestones. Handsome, efficient, ready to work and play.

The Neighborhood Stack

450 Alaskan Way joins the King St. Crossing family of buildings in historic Pioneer Square. Being part of a family has its advantages. Shared campus amenities are a big plus for off-sites, larger than usual meetings and no one minds if you drop by for a morning pastry.

  • 450 Alaskan
  • 411 First
  • 505 First
  • 95 Jackson
  • 83 King

Developed by Hudson Pacific Properties

We develop and manage workspace for the world’s leading innovative and creative companies. Today, our portfolio of properties spans 17 million feet across the West Coast’s most dynamic markets—Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle. Our track record of integrating new landmark development and historic architecture in neighborhoods like Hollywood, South of Market, L.A.’s Arts District and now Pioneer Square speaks for itself. We specialize in creating the type of live, work, play spaces that shine. Join our elite client roster as we partner to realize your vision.

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A canvas upon which your architect and designer can express your brand, and configure the space to your needs. Everyone gets an office, or no one does. Your call.

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